HELP! Schedule of Real Estate Owned:
This section of the application is for listing all properties you may own.  This would include the home you live in if you own it, any rental properties, a second home, or any other real estate you own outright or are currently financing.  See the instructions for each category below.
Check if this property is:
Indicate whether this property is your current residence or the subject property of this application by checking the appropriate box. If both statements apply, check both boxes. If neither statement applies to this property, leave both check boxes blank.
Enter the street name and number.
City, State ZIP: 
Enter the City, State and ZIP code just as you would on a letter.
In the drop-down box, select from the following choices:  Choose "Sold" if the property listed above is sold but still in your name;  Choose "Pending Sale" if it is listed on a multiple listing service, a buyer has already given a deposit on the property, or you are trying to sell the property yourself; Choose "Rental" if the property is being held for income purposes; Or, choose "Retained" if you intend to keep this property.
Property Type: 
In the drop-down box, select the closest description of the type of property you are giving details about in this section; or choose "Other" if none of the descriptions apply.
Present Market 
Enter the present market value of the property described.  Use a recent appraisal or comparable properties if the property hasn't been appraised in a while.  Enter the value without the ($), decimal point, or comma's.  For Instance, If the property described has a value of $145,000.00, enter "145000".
Mortgage Liens: 
List the total amount of any liens including first, second, or third mortgagees, private loans, or government liens against the described property.
Gross Rental 
If the described property is a rental, enter the gross amount collected monthly from this property.  If it is not a rental property, leave the field blank.
Enter the total amount of mortgage payments you pay on the described property each month on all loans financed for this property.
Maint., Taxes, Ins.: 
How much do you spend in maintenance costs, taxes and insurance on the property described?  enter the amount in the field provided.
Net Rental Income: 
If you have filled in the fields "Gross Rental Income", "Mortgage Payments", and "Maint., Taxes, Ins.", the "Net Rental Income" field will be automatically totaled for you.
Please close this window to continue the form.